Posted by Michelle Thomas, TCC Senior Policy Advisor

As 2017 comes to an end, and I reflect on the national and state early childhood data system work that has been accomplished, I started to wonder if I am one of only a few data system geeks that live and breathe this topic. So, I searched Child Care and Early Education Research Connections to see what resources were produced in 2017 that included this topic. I searched “early childhood data systems.” I knew I wasn’t alone when my search returned an incredible 755 related results in 2017.

Although many of the resources produced in 2017 are worthy of serious consideration, I have narrowed my thoughts to a 2017 Top 5 List:

This guide provides a frank discussion about: the importance of state early childhood data systems and why they matter to state policy improvement; how states have approached designing and building systems to meet their needs; the capacities states need to have in place to reap the benefits of having an early childhood data system; and the privacy and security concerns that any state must consider.

This set of resources is intended to strengthen the ability of state/territory child care administrators and their research partners to utilize administrative data to address policy-relevant early care and education research questions.

This guide explores new uses for licensing data, examines some strategies for dealing with common challenges, and provides additional resources for review and reference.

This is a one hour recorded webinar and associated slides that highlight the key points from the federal joint policy statement, “The Integration of Early Childhood Data: State Profiles and a Report from HHS and ED.” Experts share ways to use the report to support states’ early childhood integrated data system work.

This one-page infographic offers a powerful illustration of important steps for states to consider when linking data. It can be a useful tool to share when approaching conversations with data partners about linking.

At TCC, we are pleased to support states with data system solutions to further work in this area. We look forward to continuing our work in 2018! Click here to find out more information about our early childhood data system work.

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