Read about TCC’s Success Story about Moving an IBM Mainframe in Four Months

Posted by Rick Fowler, TCC Director of Mainframe Services

TCC worked with a state client and received a Certificate of Excellence after successfully moving a large mainframe system in just four months.


When vulnerable constituents rely on technology for purchasing food, paying bills and obtaining medical care, there is little room for technology glitches. You don’t want to be the person explaining why a needy taxpayer’s benefits will be late.

A state client of TCC was facing just this scenario. The client sought better performance and maintenance services for the IBM mainframe (IBM MF) computer, containing the social services information and responsible for millions of transactions.

Proven methodology:

TCC followed a disciplined approach to the proven and time tested methodology of Identifying, Transforming, Managing and Optimizing to provide a successful solution to all stakeholders.


The State’s operational calendar, fiscal processes, legislative penalties and other business drivers required that this relocation had to be accomplished in 4 months!

Four months was the maximum allowable amount of time to move an IBM mainframe and to include a Disaster Recovery (DR) site in another part of the continental U.S. This required the completion of all transition implementation activities over a single weekend.

To find read the entire story, please visit the TCC website and click on the Get Resource button to download the Mainframe Success Story pdf.


IT Support Options

Posted by Derek Epps, Senior Account Executive of Managed Services

IT support. Whether you are a business owner or employee, work for a large company or a small business, chances are you have needed to enlist the help of someone who knows computers and technology to help resolve your issue. Let’s face it – nobody has time to deal with IT issues. In an ever changing world of technology it’s hard to keep up with it all. There are many options to consider regarding how you receive your IT support. If you are an employee, this decision is made by your employer. For business owners it gets a little more complicated. There are a couple of different options when it comes to IT support.

Hiring an IT staff. Sure this is an option. If you have a lot of infrastructure onsite this may make the most sense, especially if you have a larger desktop infrastructure. According to Tech Co, , many applications are now offering cloud options. Could this decrease the need for onsite IT staff, especially for small business? Quite possibly. The average cost of a mid- level IT Admin according to  is nearly $60,000 a year. This of course does not include any paid benefits. So what other alternative is there?

Outsourcing Managed IT Services. You may have heard about IT Managed Services but what exactly is it and how can it help your business? So what exactly is an IT Managed Service Provider? An IT Managed Service Provider traditionally provides services to cover your daily IT support needs such as managing your computers, servers, printers, phone systems and various other applications. According to  the managed service industry will be worth a staggering 242.5 Billion dollars by the year 2021.

If you can’t justify the salary of hiring your own personal IT admin why not consider outsourcing to an IT Managed Service Provider? The cost is usually substantially lower with outsourcing and with most IT Managed Service Providers employing multiple technicians, you are not limited to just one person.

Whether you choose an onsite IT staff or you outsource to a managed service provider, the most important things to consider are productivity and cost. If you are a company that employees hundreds or even thousands of people then it may make more sense to hire you own in house IT staff. That being said, IT Managed Service Providers can also be used to supplement your current IT staff either on providing them with extra level of support, knowledge or project based assistance. There are lots of things to consider. One thing is for certain, it is hard to find IT Professionals that have every single skill needed to support more complex environments. IT Managed Service Providers will typically employee a mix of various talents to support your IT infrastructure and allow you to focus on running your business most effectively.

When considering which option is best for your company there may not be a clear answer. Maybe a blended approach would be best? IT Managed Service Providers are a serious option to consider which could save your company thousands of dollars per year.

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TCC’s Martine Dowden is a Speaker at Indy.Code()!

Coming March 29-31, 2017 to the Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis

Indy.Code() is an upcoming three-day software development conference in downtown Indianapolis. With over 100 breakout sessions and hands-on workshops covering all aspects of software development, Indy.Code() is a must attend event for any serious software professional.

TCC is pleased to announce that Martine Dowden will be one of the speakers at Indy.Code(). Martine will facilitate one session on The Psychology of Good Design will also facilitate a discussion on Building a Real-Time Application with Firebase.


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TCC Software Solutions Senior Policy Advisor Michelle Thomas is appointed as R&D Committee Chair for the National Association for Regulatory Agencies

Posted by Steve Fey, TCC Director of Business Development

 Prior to coming to TCC, Michelle Thomas was responsible for all child care licensing and regulations for the State of Indiana.  NARA provides research and resources to support professionals and policy makers who oversee the licensing and regulation of adult care, child care and/or child welfare facilities.  The NARA Research and Development Committee provides guidance to the NARA Board about emerging trends and issues in the field, makes recommendations for new research, and guides the development of new resources to support regulatory administrators.

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Michelle Thomas, MSW, Senior Policy Advisor for TCC has 20 years of experience in early childhood policy.  She is the former Indiana State Child Care Administrator, where she oversaw the CCDF subsidy program, child care licensing and QRIS.  Ms. Thomas also provided technical assistance to the Race to the Top, Early Learning Challenge states.