Posted by Rick Fowler, TCC Director of Mainframe Services

Like many of you, I am a manager with more than one opening in my department. Our recruiters do a terrific job, but as more baby boomers retire, the supply of mainframe technology talent is getting tighter. I am always looking for different strategies to attract and retain mainframe talent.

I recently read an article in IBM Systems Magazine that discussed a new strategy for attracting millennials to mainframe jobs. Martin, B. (n.d.). Employee Handbook. Retrieved December 11, 2017, from

The article stated that recent hires are the keys to reaching college students. The idea is to use millennials to act as intermediaries between their company and students at their alma mater. Sending graduates back to their colleges to talk about their jobs gets students excited about mainframe technology. This also allows new hires to recommend people they know who will be graduating so the company recruiters can make the connection early.

The message recent hires send to students is that working on the mainframe platform is relevant and rewarding and you can have a great career in mainframe computing. This is one way that companies are hiring millennials to take their mainframe platforms into the future.

To read the full article, go to the IBM Systems Magazine website:

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