Type: Contract
Duration: Long term contract
Location: Baltimore, MD


The vendor is seeking to fill the requirement for a Senior VoIP Engineer who will support The Department to oversee the

installation and management of our VoIP network. The VoIP engineer will be responsible for designing and deploying

enterprise solution architecture, coordinating installations and migrations, and managing SLAs for IP telephony


Statement of Work


The Department desires an individual that possesses a minimum of five (5) years of engineering, design and

implementation/programming experience with at least one of the following in a large scale environment of 5,000 users

or more. The following skillsets are required, at a minimum, to support The Department.

· Analyzing existing VoIP networks and computer systems.

· Developing architecture plans for voice and data services.

· Installing network hardware modules including IP and PBX communication servers.

· Designing and implementing Cisco / Verizon systems.

· Troubleshooting VoIP network issues.

· Analyzing and upgrading network security systems and protocols.

· Adding network users and managing company permissions.

· Optimizing network installations for future expansion.

At TCC, we know that having a strong company culture is paramount in sustaining the success and stability of the company, especially within the information technology industry. That’s why we place our focus on the people who make our success possible: our employees, partners and clients. We strive to create an environment that preserves and fosters growth while still promoting the DNA of our company.

Our core values:
• Building strong, reliable relationships with our employees, our partners and our clients
• Upholding integrity, honesty and respect
• Supporting our local community
• Encouraging continued education and development

Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and veterans.

To apply for this position please visit our website https://www.e-tcc.com/open-positions

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