Type: Contract

Duration: 2 years

Location: Pikesville, Maryland

Analyzes and defines security requirements for MLS issues. Designs, develops, engineers, documents,
and implements solutions to MLS requirements. Gathers and organizes technical information, as directed, about the agency’s data and network security needs, existing security products, and ongoing programs in the MLS arena. Performs risk analyses, which also includes risk assessment.  Implements solutions for projects such as Secure remote access, VPN, Intrusion detection, port scanning, web security and vulnerability assessments and remediation.

  1. Management of and timely response to web help desk tickets (expectation is a ticket is responded to within 24 hours of receipt on a non-urgent issue, urgent issues should be followed up on immediately and, if travel is involved, response within 4 hours).
    Review security logs, audit data and take required actions.
    Identify points of vulnerability, non-compliance with established IA standards and regulations and recommended mitigation strategies.
  2. Monitor and provide initial response for security alerts per procedure; escalate network and server infrastructure alerts per MDSP procedures
  3. Perform regularly scheduled penetration testing
  4. Attendance at MSP ITD meetings (as required)Escalate issues to CISO, ITD Deputy Director, and ITD Director when necessary, according to Agency procedures
  5. Participate in security incident response activities with senior staff when required
  6. Mentors less-experienced team members.
  7. After-hours support (as required)
  8. Communication with stakeholders impacted by system changes, security patching, configuration updates, etc.

About TCC
Founded in 1996 in Indianapolis, IN, The Consultants Consortium (TCC) is an innovative solutions provider committed to designing and delivering high-value, cost-effective IT consulting services and application technology solutions for both the private and public sectors. With a team of more than 250 IT and business professionals, TCC serves clients nationwide, from state and federal government agencies to commercial sector customers. TCC is committed to providing the most cutting edge solutions, and with that, ensures they stay up-to-date on crucial certifications and affiliations. Among these are the highly accredited Microsoft Certifications.

At TCC, we know that having a strong company culture is paramount in sustaining the success and stability of the company, especially within the information technology industry. That’s why we place our focus on the people who make our success possible: our employees, partners and clients. We strive to create an environment that preserves and fosters growth while still promoting the DNA of our company.

Our core values:
• Building strong, reliable relationships with our employees, our partners and our clients
• Upholding integrity, honesty and respect
• Supporting our local community
• Encouraging continued education and development

Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and veterans.

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