Posted by Kelly Grant, Senior IT Recruiter

This time of the year is when most companies plan for the following year. Proactive organizations are getting ready by researching and planning for the latest trends in recruiting and hiring. recently published an interesting article by their Chief Economist, Dr. Andrew Chamberlain that outlined three trends in hiring to look for in 2020.

The first trend suggests that company culture is a business imperative, and that an organizations’ ability to recruit and retain top talent. This is especially true in the information technology space, where competition for talent is already high. The article states “It’s hard to overstate the importance of this shift. This formal recognition of employee culture in business today is one that executives can’t afford to ignore,” Chamberlain says. “In 2020, we expect this changing tide of CEO opinion to usher in a new wave of culture-first thinking among business leaders, elevating employee engagement to the status of core business focus for a growing number of companies.”

The second trend noted in the article is that organizations are preparing for a potential recession. The economy is growing right now, but there are several indicators that we may be approaching a period of recession. The article states “Building a strong employer brand takes years, while most recessions last nowhere nearly as long… When the economy picks up and it’s time to ramp up hiring again, companies who’ve maintained a strong employer brand will enjoy a clear strategic advantage,” Chamberlain says. “For that reason, we expect employers in 2020 to keep the long view and maintain investments in employer branding even if the economy slows.”

The third trend is the utilization of mobile technology as a job search tool. We use our smartphones for everything, and many candidates would like the ease and privacy of using a mobile device to look for jobs. Unfortunately, the job application process is not always optimized for mobile devices.

The article states “A Glassdoor study found that mobile job seekers encounter multiple barriers to entry in the application process. Most companies have not yet created a truly mobile-first experience, and as a result, companies are turning high-quality candidates off of their organization. In fact, mobile users complete only about 22 percent of applications they start versus 47 percent on desktop. And when the median time to complete a job application on mobile is 10.5 minutes compared to just 5.9 minutes for desktop users, it’s no wonder. If you don’t want to lose out on top talent, you’ll want to make a mobile-friendly application process a top priority.”

At TCC we are taking note of these trends and planning to give our company the competitive edge we need to hire and retain top talent.

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