Posted by Mike Boyle, VP Sales, TCC

A recent article on the State Tech Magazine website indicates that state and local governments are showing increased confidence in cloud security which is good news for providers.

The article indicates that during the pandemic lockdowns, citizens could not enter government facilities to transact business, and state and local governments began adopting more cloud based services to meet the demands of their constituents.

State and local government agencies had been wary of adopting cloud solutions, primarily due to security concerns.  “Government agencies hold confidential data, and they could suffer a crisis of public trust if that data leaked. But agencies have gained more trust in cloud service providers in recent years.”

The article states “State and local government agencies can undertake an accounting of their data and make determinations about what data, if any, should go into the cloud. Major cloud service providers have taken tremendous steps to safeguard data, and often these steps exceed the capabilities of stand-alone government organizations.”

The numbers provided in the article support this viewpoint, stating “A recent survey by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers found that 89 percent of state CIOs say hybrid cloud is ideal for their operations.”

Agencies can also take proactive measures to be sure their cloud service providers take additional steps to ensure security such as “specific security measures that protect cloud-based systems, particularly email, which often serves as a front door for attackers.”

With these security measures in place, state and local governments can continue to accelerate the pace of digital transformation and continue to embrace the cloud.

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