At TCC, we know that having a strong company culture is paramount in sustaining the success and stability of the company, especially within the information technology industry. One of our core values – the guiding principles that dictate our behaviors and actions as a company – is supporting our local community.

Putting our values into action, TCC provided a monetary donation to the Emerging Pearls Foundation. TCC’s donation supports the organization’s initiatives for mentoring and scholarships.

The Emerging Pearls Foundation is committed to creating a new culture of philanthropy, capitalizing on effectively communicating the benefits of strategic giving and innovation resource development. 

Established in 2007, several women in the Indianapolis community got together and formed this foundation to address the funding needs of many programs that improve the quality of life of the citizenry, particularly girls and women of color. This group wanted to create a new culture of philanthropy that would capitalize on the ability to effectively tie the benefits of strategy giving and innovation resource develop It also aimed to limit and eliminate administrative costs associated with fundraising, meetings, and day to day operations to ensure that the resources raised were directed to the programs and services that fulfill the foundation’s mission.

​EPF is a 501(c) 3 organization incorporated in the state of Indiana. 

Please visit their website for additional information:

To learn more about TCC’s Culture please visit our website

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