Mike Boyle, TCC Vice President, Sales

A recent article on the State Tech Magazine website discussed the cybersecurity challenged posted to states by migrating to the cloud and the potential to solve these challenges through upskilling and automation. https://statetechmagazine.com/article/2022/04/cloud-migration-may-provide-assurance-through-upskilling-opportunities

The article states “StateTech ran a poll on Twitter not long ago that asked, “Which is the top roadblock to moving to the cloud for state and local government IT decision-makers?” The poll offered often-cited options for response, including cybersecurity, limited expertise, inflexibilities in legacy IT, and budget challenges.”

“We realize, of course, that these options are intertwined. So, when 44 percent of respondents indicated cybersecurity was the biggest roadblock, its understood that strong cybersecurity also requires having the appropriate expertise and the right tools for the job.”

Upskilling, or the ability of an employee to learn new skills, may help government employees to gain critical cybersecurity skills, and allow government IT administrators greater confidence that their data is secure.

In addition, the article states “Cloud computing offers tremendous cybersecurity protections, but it has the potential to provide greater peace of mind through automation that may free employees from rote or repetitive tasks and thus allow time for upgrades.” “Machine learning and robotic process automation also offer great potential to free IT officials from other tasks and perhaps open opportunities for cybersecurity advancements. “

While many government agencies still use legacy mainframe computers and have not moved any applications to the cloud, emerging information about the benefits of cloud computing may see greater movement to the cloud in the near future.

To learn more about TCC’s work with State Government and our Security Services please visit our website https://www.e-tcc.com/security-services

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