Mike Boyle, Vice President of Sales at TCC

According to an article by Phil Goldstein on the State Tech Magazine website, cloud migrations for state and local agencies continue in 2022 but may face some challenges, including the need to retool. https://statetechmagazine.com/article/2021/12/2022-tech-trends-cloud-migration-state-and-local-agencies-will-be-measured

Migrations to cloud architecture in state agencies accelerated due to the pandemic but there are technological, cost, and operational challenges that may slow the pace of cloud adoptions in 2022.

Alan Shark, executive director of CompTIA’s Public Technology Institute, says that local government IT leaders indicate that “the cloud is not so inexpensive.” So, although cost is a factor, it may not be prohibitive. “The momentum to move into the cloud is there,” Shark says.

“The moment of truth comes when you start looking at end-of-life issues for your mainframes,” Shark states, and “governments need to decide whether they will replace those systems, come up with something better or move to the cloud.”

The article states “If an agency moves some core business operations, such as finance administration, to the cloud, that may spur other major applications or functions to be shifted as well, according to Shark.” This could be a major change for many agencies as they adjust their business processes to more integrated solutions.

The article states that an additional factor in making this move is to be sure that agency employees have the appropriate skill sets to manage the new cloud services portfolio. “Moving data from an on-premises mainframe to a cloud service requires a whole other set of skills.” 

The article concludes that many agencies will decide that the economics favor the adoption of a hybrid IT approach, keeping some applications on-premises while moving others to the cloud.

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