Posted by Kelly Grant, Senior Technical Recruiter

This is the third in a series of posts that look at the trends in The Dice 2021 Tech Salary Report.

According to the report, benefits desired by employees in the tech sector changed since the Dice 2020 Tech Salary Report. In response to the pandemic, more traditional benefits such as health insurance and paid vacation days became more important than “emerging” benefits such as wellness programs, and paid volunteer opportunities. 

The report notes that “Health insurance ranked the highest of all benefits that technologists consider important in 2020 (88 percent), which comes as no surprise amidst a global pandemic. Paid vacation days closely followed (87 percent), which hints at a greater desire for work-life balance at a time when remote work can threaten to blur the line between professional and personal life. Dental and vision insurance came in at 82 percent and 75 percent, respectively.”

This is important for companies to consider as they market themselves to potential employees in a tight market for technology hires.

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