Stephen Palamara, TCC Director of Business Development

I recently read an article published on the National Cybersecurity Alliance Website that gave some good, practical advice for staying safe online, amid a surge in cyber-attacks and scams.

The article pointed out that cybercriminals are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to leverage this hot topic to spread misinformation and lure audiences into their schemes. Often these scams target vulnerable populations such as children or senior citizens.

The article states “Cyber scammers are spreading misinformation to initiate cyber scams through email, social media, and messaging applications. Tactics have become more nefarious and misleading than ever before.”

The reliance on digital connectivity increased over the past year due to more people working from home or being on lockdown.  To be able to work and enjoy the internet safely, the article provides the following five tips for better cybersecurity:

  1. “Use strong passphrases and a password manager”
  2. “Enable multi-factor authentication (also known as two-factor authentication) on all accounts that support it (email, banking, online shopping, etc.)”
  3. “Back-up and protect your sensitive data and personal identifiable information (PII). Follow the 3-2-1 rule: have 3 copies of your data, on two different media, with one copy stored off-site.”
  4. “Pay close attention to possible phishing emails, texts and phone calls (think before you click).”
  5. “Pay attention to security settings at both the user level and device level. For example, free public WiFi can be spoofed easily. Try to avoid connecting to public WiFi and use a hotspot or VPN instead.”

Installing reputable cybersecurity protections and taking care of cybersecurity hygiene will allow you to use the internet safely.

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