Posted by Kelly Grant, Senior Technical Recruiter

The Dice 2021 Tech Salary Report showed some very interesting trends.

It may have expected that salaries remained flat or even lowered a bit amid the pandemic.  However, this report indicates that even in a time of unprecedented change, the principles that drive salary growth, particularly in the tech sector, remain in place.

The report states “Overall, technologist salaries in the U.S. increased 3.6 percent between 2019 and 2020, reaching an average of $97,859, despite many businesses tightening their budgets in order to weather COVID-19. These organizations needed skilled technologists capable of everything from digital transformation (including moving on-premises tech stacks to the cloud) to ensuring that infrastructure was secure against a rising number of cyberattacks. That demand, combined with a comparatively low tech unemployment rate (standing at 3.5 percent in the third quarter of 2020* for example, far lower than the national average), led to rising salaries as companies competed for talent.”

Also of interest is the occupations that had the fastest growth in salary.  Not surprisingly with the shift to remote work, Cybersecurity Analyst tops the chart.

The report notes that the increase in remote work led to increased security vulnerabilities, as employees use their personal laptops and phones.  Cybersecurity Analysts are needed to identify and plug the security holes and prevent hackers from attacking and breaching defenses.

This report also points out that the more senior level Cybersecurity Engineer role only saw an increase of 4.3%, indicating that the shortage of skilled workers in cybersecurity led employers to employ more junior-level technologists.

This is the first in a series of posts.  Next, we will look at the programming skills that garner the highest average salaries.

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