TCC worked with a state client and their application development partner.


Cloud computing is transforming businesses across industries and creating a paradigm shift by delivering hosted services through the internet with cost benefits and business innovation. The private sector is building on cloud computing’s myriad benefits, but government organizations have also aggressively begun to capitalize on them. Increasing financial constraints have deeply affected how agencies deploy their solutions. Agencies are pressed to seek optimized business models while measuring their performance and service deliveries more closely — hence their inclination towards shared services.

TCC has worked with multiple government agencies and has proven that cloud computing boosts cost efficiency by reducing or eliminating the need for organizations to purchase equipment and build out and operate data centers. This presents a significant savings on hardware, facilities, utilities, and other expenses required from traditional computing. Reducing the need for on-site servers, software and staff can also reduce the IT budget.

Our proven methodologies in cloud infrastructure ensure seamless transition, maximum performance, and continuous optimization.

We scale to your business size, understand your needs, and establish the best course of action to ensure smart cloud decisions.

Increased return on investment

Cloud is fast becoming the new normal in both the private and public sector and organizations are moving to a cloud computing platform such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) because cloud computing increases efficiency, lowers the burden on the agency’s IT department, increases flexibility, and reduces overhead costs.

According to the AWS website (, there are measurable business benefits from migrating to the cloud, illustrated below.

TCC has typically saved customers nearly 30% in labor when switching to TCC from another cloud provider. 

TCC does not markup AWS expenses, rather we try to obtain AWS discounts for our clients. 

About TCC

Founded in 1996, The Consulting Consortium (TCC) is an Indiana based company that specializes in both Software Development and Managed Services making it a premier Development / Operational company. TCC has Microsoft Silver Hosting and Microsoft Silver Datacenter certifications and is in process of becoming an IBM Partner.

To find out more contact Mike Boyle via email at or by phone at 317.625.2547.

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