Posted by Michelle Thomas, TCC Senior Policy Advisor

Early childhood providers have been drastically and financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many providers have closed either voluntarily or by state executive order. In some states, providers have been allowed to operate, but under guidelines that result in a serious reduction in enrollment and attendance. Federal and state policymakers are working hard to provide systemic support packages to help providers stay afloat during this crisis.

Last week New Jersey Human Services announced the immediate availability of up to $20 million in grants for child-care centers and youth camps to improve health and safety in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The funds can be used to purchase cleaning products, personal protective equipment and other products and services to help centers to meet more rigorous health and safety guidelines.

Child-care centers may receive up to $5,000 and youth camps may receive up to $2,000. The grants are available to licensed child-care providers and youth camps that comply with updated state health and safety guidance. The providers must be registered with the NJ Workforce Registry and must apply through the New Jersey Child Care Information System (NJCCIS). Applications are subject to review and approval.

Additional information about the grants can be found on the State of New Jersey website

Information regarding TCC’s Early Childhood Data Systems and Services can be found on the TCC website

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