Posted by Kelly Grant, TCC Senior Technical Recruiter

Many people make resolutions for the New Year, however sticking to these resolutions can be difficult.

I recently read an article by Lindsay Tigar posted on The Ladders website that outlines five strategies for setting goals you can actually achieve. Goals can be personal, professional, or a mix of both.

  • “Set mini-milestones.” The author suggests that by setting very small goals we gain incremental progress which makes us happier and feel more engaged at work. There is a certain satisfaction in being able to check off various small goals that lead to a larger purpose.
  • “Narrow down to five goals – and then three.” Think about what you want to accomplish in the next year, then prioritize and eliminate goals until you have three very specific goals that are measurable and achievable.
  • “Reflect on who you envy.” In this case, jealousy can be helpful because it tells you exactly what that person has that you want and allows you to set goals that get you to a similar position.
  • “Create goals – and then take space.” The author suggests creating your list of goals and then walking away from them for a week. After a little space you can review your goals with a clear head and revise, if necessary.
  • “Think in positives – not negatives.” It can be scary to set lofty goals, but instead of being anxious about failing, reframe your aspirations and focus on the positives, rather than being bogged down by negativity.

Goals are incredible motivators and by using these strategies, you can set personal and professional goals that you can commit to and that may actually become a reality.

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