Posted by Stephen Palamara, TCC Director of Business Development

Phishing emails are one of the biggest ways that malware is spread, and it is important that employees understand how to spot phishing emails. A recent study found that organizations in the healthcare industry are most susceptible to phishing attempts, with one in every seven simulated emails being clicked on. This study discussed that the findings in the healthcare industry are consistent with other industries, where click rates range from 13 – 49%.

The study suggested that companies can lower these percentages by running phishing simulation campaigns to increase employee education and awareness.

The study states, “Phishing is an easily deployable attack strategy, largely because email is an easy access point to hospital employees, many of whom have credentials for several internal information systems (eg, electronic health records). In our experience, email addresses are easy to ascertain, either from published resources (journal articles, public websites and social media) or through guessing. In addition, emails are frequently opened, regardless of sender.”

As phishing email scams evolve, it may be beneficial to regularly provide training and education to employees to keep this information top of mind.

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