Posted by Kelly Grant, TCC Senior Technical Recruiter

Most companies have multiple testers on their Quality Assurance teams and testers have certain skills that many developers do not, but it appears that automation testing continues to rise. In part, this is due to the increasing adoption of agile development, which requires testing to be part of the continuous integration cycle.

I recently read an article on the TechBeacon website that discusses that automation testing skills are a must have to remain marketable as a tester.

The article states that there is an increasing shift toward eliminating manual testing and relying more heavily upon automated testing. The article encourages testers to start learning the automated testing tools your organization already uses, if you don’t have automated testing experience.

The article states “Testers can’t afford to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the modern-day tools and techniques that are being used in development shops for test automation. This doesn’t mean they’re being asked to become data entry clerks or programmers, but it does require testers, like any other technology professionals, to be open to learning new skills and willing to grow and change with the times.”

This seems like good advice to anyone who is interested in staying marketable in their chosen profession.

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