Posted by Steve Fey, TCC Director of Sales and Marketing

We are happy to announce some exciting changes happening at TCC. As a result of our continued growth and expansion into the Security Services arena, we are making some changes to the structure of the Network Operations Group (NOG) and forming a new branch for Security Services. The NOG members currently working to provide guidance and expertise for implementing security solutions and programs to TCC and our customers will be splitting off from the NOG to act as a separate, focused branch known as TCC Security Services.

Under the formation of this new branch, Tim Luzadder moved from his role as Director of the NOG to become Director of the Security Services team. This is an area expected to have fast growth in a short amount of time, and these changes will allow our Security team members to focus on the scope of work and expand upon their expertise.

TCC provides the following Security Services:

  • NIST 800-171 and NIST 800-53 Gap & Remediation Services
  • Security Analysis
  • Regulatory Compliance & Remediation
  • Documentation
  • Risk & Security Assessment

To learn more about TCC’s managed services, including Security Services, please visit our website



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