Posted by Rick Fowler, TCC Director of Mainframe Services

Every manager of an IT team knows that we face a lot of challenges. We are always under pressure to deliver more and better services to our customers, with fewer resources and tighter budgets. Mainframe IT leaders may feel this more acutely, because they seem to face challenges from all sides.

I thought this sentiment was summarized quite nicely as “A Vortex of Complexity” in an article in IBM Systems Magazine. McKenney, J. (2018, September/October). A Self-Managing Mainframe. Retrieved September 19, 2018, from

The article stated there are four V’s contributing to this complexity. Volatility of workloads; Velocity of change; Volume of data; and the Vintage skill set of the mainframe workforce. The author particularly noted that the availability of mainframe talent is becoming more limited as mainframe workers retire.

The article indicated that the way to navigate through the complexity is to create strategies that are more proactive than reactive, allowing mainframe teams to become more adaptive.

Creating a “self-managing mainframe” is also discussed as a solution. This is a very interesting concept, and one which I will explore more fully.

To read the entire article click here:

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