Posted by Stephen Palamara, TCC Director of Business Development

Recently the title of an article caught my eye – “Help! My IT Employee Went Rogue”. We typically think cyberattacks come only from outside of our company environment, but this article discusses how to prepare for a cyberattack that comes from within. Stop.Think.Connect. (2018, August 1). Retrieved September 4, 2018, from

IT employees have high levels of security access and company knowledge. If one of them becomes disgruntled, or just makes a really bad decision, it can result in harm to the company and its reputation. This article provides some ways to be prepared for the situation, should it happen to your company.

The first step is to assess the situation and if someone is in danger, alert the authorities. Once everyone is safe, get control of company communications. Assume the worst and that all methods of corporate communication are compromised.

The article suggests buying a pre-paid phone and a clean tablet and follow these steps to set up a safe cyberenvironment:

  • “Set up a secure network/Wi-Fi environment. This might be in a place other than your business office or home. When creating new passwords, make sure to Lock Down Your Login and use two-factor authentication. When setting up your new devices and network, do not link them to any existing email accounts. Ensure that everything is new.”
  • “Protect and backup data. Start with backing up or printing out contact and calendar information and other communications from your old phone, computer and email accounts. Also make sure backup tapes, drives or cloud accounts are accounted for and secure from being overwritten or destroyed.”
  • “Maintain domain control. Contact the domain host and registrars to make sure your company still has legal ownership of your domain. Without properly configured domain names, your website and all emails will cease to function and could even be redirected to a competitor.”
  • “Contact any vendors for services that are outsourced, such as web development, web hosting or back up storage. Have them restore a good back up to a clean account or server.”

Click here to read the full article

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