Posted by Stephen Palamara, TCC Director of Business Development

Various governments — from small towns to federal agencies — have been sending public services to the private sector since the 1980s. Recently, more government agencies are looking at outsourcing to gain specific value-added benefits to the services that public agencies are delivering to the people.

Outsourcing information technology infrastructure services, such as hosting, puts paramount importance to expertise in performing certain functions within the government, treating each citizen as a customer who needs to be served with competence and efficiency. Governments look to outsourcing for the progressive transformation of the overall operation of their agencies. The public agencies’ bottom-line of providing quality service and optimizing taxpayers’ money are the primary drivers for state and local government agency outsourcing.

The School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University published a study that examined the implications of outsourcing some government functions such as information technology services.

Government Outsourcing: A Practical Guide for State and Local Governments. (2014, January). Retrieved January 3, 2018, from

The paper noted the following benefits of outsourcing:

  • Outsourcing of government functions can be a source of new ideas about how to perform work more efficiently using knowledge and resources in short supply in the public sector
  • Outsourcing can make research and development (R & D) feasible when government does not have the capacity to invest in innovation
  • Outsourcing can facilitate fundamental change in organization structure and culture that can result in improvements in performance
  • Outsourcing of infrastructure can be structured to provide funding necessary to modernize equipment and infrastructure
  • Outsourcing can free up government agencies to focus on strategy, planning, and core agency functions

You can follow this link to read the entire paper:

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