Posted by Rick Fowler, TCC Director of Mainframe Services

I think we all know that everyone and everything is going digital. Everyone has a mobile phone, even children. Amazing technology has evolved in a short period of time.

As organizations look at going digital, some seem to be embracing new technology, while others are struggling. An article I read in IBM Systems Magazine indicated that only 5 percent of organizations think they have mastered going digital, while 80 percent think they are in danger of being left behind by digital transformation. Britton, D. (2018, March/April). Winds of Change. Retrieved March 22, 2018, from

As we look at the mainframe environment, we know that modernization is happening. The article mentioned that 84 percent of mainframe applications are going to be maintained or modernized. I think organizations are not questioning if, but how will modernization happen?

The article outlined three basic elements to consider when planning mainframe digital transformation. First, we need to identify the business service the application needs to provide and create a solid user experience while leveraging core mainframe processes and secure transactions. We also need to plan how the service is delivered. At TCC, we use agile teams to provide service delivery and we have found that our customers are responding very favorably to the increased communication and faster delivery. Finally, we need to look at the infrastructure and where the service needs to be delivered. We need to plan for tight security and provide robust business services anywhere.

The final point in the article was that the ability to be a nimble organization is one of the keys to successful digital transformation. Nimble is not a word that has been typically used in the context of mainframe services, so we are challenged to be more client focused and delivering faster, modernized business functions across all business-critical environments.

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