Posted by Tim Luzadder, TCC Enterprise Infrastructure Director

TCC’s Managed Security Services will lead our customers down the path towards their security and compliance needs.

In 2010, an Executive Order 13556 established a Controlled Unclassified Information Program (CUI) to standardize the way the executive branch handles unclassified information that requires protection. The CUI Program is designed to address several deficiencies in managing and protecting unclassified information in nonfederal information systems and organizations.

TCC developed a process to assist businesses with the leadership and technology services required to comply with this standard by protecting Controlled Unclassified Information. The compliance deadline is December 31, 2017.

TCC’s methodology consists of the following four steps:

Step 1 – GAP




GAP: Assessment of the current state of compliance benchmarked against NIST 800-171 109 Security controls, 460 criteria objects over 1,000 security remediation tasks. This step includes:

  • Plan of Action and Milestones
  • System Security Plan
  • Incident Reporting

HIGH IMPACT: A customized itemization analysis at a point in time based on company’s resources available, and REMEDIATION will have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time.


Data Set for Prioritization includes:

  • Analysis of available company resources including time and money
  • UpGuard Cybersecurity resilience against benchmark

Criteria for Action:

  • Biggest impact for least investment


  • This step focuses on six areas of concentration to harden company’s cyber security resiliency. Policy & Procedures, Asset inventory & Patch Management, System Security, Data Protection, Multi Factor Authentication and Security Training


  • Three phases to compliance and continued Cyber resiliency

TCC’s methodology allows companies to leverage their available resources to achieve compliance, saving time and money.

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