Posted by Kevin Miller, TCC Senior Software Architect

Do you know about LINQPad?  No?  Keep reading.  Yes?  Keep reading anyway.  (There’s a prize if you make it to the end.)  For the unenlightened, it’s probably the single best development support tool for .NET outside of Visual Studio itself.  The venerable Adam Clark has “agreed” to talk to us about his experience with it and teach us how to be as good as he is at using it.  He’s going to cover: what it is, how it looks, and most importantly, how to ask it to help you figure out why your LINQ query doesn’t work at 2 a.m. when you desperately need to finish your project before the sun rises (this is better known as debugging).  He’ll even show how to make it to do nifty automation things in your organization.  Everything you want to know about LINQPad will be covered here and probably more . . like WAY MORE.  It should be a good time and informative, and if not, well, there’s always heckling!

You know what also goes well with LINQPad?  Bacon and pizza, or better yet, bacon WITH pizza.  That’s right, there will be a plethora of bacon, pizza, and a scrumptious marriage of both. Come help us eat all of it in front of Adam while he talks. (If you don’t eat bacon, there will be plenty of other options available too.  We really try to accommodate all diets.)

Okay so I know I said that there would be a prize at the end.  I may have slightly overstated that.  I did tell you about this great talk and free food which is kind of like a prize, so how about you just drop by and have fun with the rest of us.

We will meet on Wednesday, June 20th from 11:30 – 12:30 at the TCC office at 1022 E. 52nd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46205.

For more information and registration, follow this link:


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