Posted by Rick Fowler, TCC Director of Mainframe Services

I read a whitepaper published by LzLabs that outlined two methods for migrating applications to a new target environment without rewriting or recompiling the source code. Both utilize a complex rehosting infrastructure to provide a seamless migration. The Software Defined Mainframe – Leveraging “the Power of Modern”. (2017, September). Retrieved February 22, 2018, from

Application Workload Rehosting operates on the premise that the only thing that is important is to be sure the applications continue to operate reliably and with the same outcomes. This method enables applications to be rehosted without source-code changes or recompilation, and no need for legacy operating systems or subsystems.

Application Workload Rehosting avoids the technical difficulties and increased overhead costs of the Operating System Rehosting method, and can result in reduced cost and risk when migrating applications. We will certainly keep an eye on this technology and how it is being implemented.

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Click this link to download the whitepaper:


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