Posted by Mike Boyle, TCC Director of Business Development

Many government agencies are choosing Microsoft Office 365 as their first foray into cloud computing. I saw a statistic that more than one million government workers across all fifty states are moving to Microsoft Office 365.

The reasons for this move include security, lower cost of ownership and support for a more mobile and connected government workforce.

I read an interesting article that suggested some ways that government agencies could prepare for a successful move to Microsoft Office 365. El-Attrash, 2. F. (2015, December 11). Strategies for Deploying & Migrating to Office 365. Retrieved January 29, 2018, from

Best practices outlined in the article include:

  • Choose the correct version for your agency.   There are different versions available and you should match your agency requirements to the available options
  • Define which processes will stay in their current format and which will move to Microsoft Office 365. Not everything needs to be migrated
  • Clean up your agency’s content before you move, do an inventory, and map the flow of content through your organization. This also helps define access and permission levels
  • Check and double check security requirements so you are in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations
  • Use multiple methods to back up your data, including on-premises devices, local machines, or other cloud solutions

Once the migration is completed, monitor and manage your cloud services, and schedule regular check-ins with IT and other service providers. This is key to maintain optimal performance of your cloud platform.

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