Posted by Melissa Waters, TCC Director of Business Development, Learning Technologies

TCC created an interactive leadership simulation model for Jiffy Lube that was recognized with a Training Magazine Top 125 Award (2013 #2, 2014 #1, 2015 #2 and 2016 #1).


Jiffy Lube provides online training for 38,000+ employees annually in its retail and franchise locations. They required engaging training for store manager trainees to allow them to practice operational decision-making and management skills through real-life critical scenarios. The web-based game developed by TCC allows managers to practice decision-making skills in a virtual environment where a poor choice will not have an adverse effect on the business.


TCC’s overall development approach for learning solutions (e.g., ILT, vILT, eLearning) follows the proven Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (ADDIE) model. The ADDIE process is a theory-driven, iterative, and flexible approach for training program creation that we use to work through course production, from analysis through evaluation. Using the ADDIE model, TCC consults and collaborates with our clients through all phases of the project.


TCC’s Learning Technologies team provides solutions that help companies empower their workforce with modern, strategic learning solutions. We assist organizations in the development of their learning strategy through:

• Learning Roadmaps/Blueprints

• Performance and Training Effectiveness Tracking

• LMS Selection, Consultation, and Evaluation

• Content Conversion Strategies

• Learning Business Process Alignment, Change Management, and Governance Consulting


TCC collaborated with subject matter experts to develop a branching “day in the life” scenario that allows learners to practice skills and decision making in real-life scenarios (customer service, store management, etc.). This ensured the training system aligned with the business operations and sales goals.


We virtualized a typical Jiffy Lube store into a 3D simulated environment to provide a safe place to fail and obtain timely feedback

The project was launched on the nationwide Jiffy Lube Challenge with a leaderboard to promote friendly competition.


The Leadership Training Simulation features include:

• An intuitive portal, individual progress reports at login, and interactive tutorials and simulations

• Engaging curriculum to deliver a complex sequence of training events

• User interface designed to deliver the maximum training ROI


The Leadership Training Simulation increased supervisor and employee engagement in learning.

The business results included:

• 38.5% increase in average revenue per store

• 448% increase in

course completions

• Training ROI increased by 204%

• $10,000,000 improvement in productivity

• $20,000,000 annual cost savings

• Ranked #1 by Training + Development Magazine

The TCC team doesn’t just talk about good service. It “walks the walk.” At TCC, we don’t just want to get the job done, we strive to take customer expectations to new heights. With a team of MVPs and maximum effort, TCC delivered what was promised and more!

To learn more about TCC’s Learning Technologies, and read the full story, please visit our website


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