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TCC partnered with Specialty Medical Drugstore to oversee and develop their partner site,


TCC has partnered with Specialty Medical Drugstore to develop and create a user-friendly web application, This application helps users to order low cost medications online and have them delivered right to their door. Specialty Medical Drugstore is located in the greater Cincinnati Ohio area and is a VIPPS accredited pharmacy. Specialty Medical Drugstore is certified and licensed to do business in all 50 states, and they earned their accreditation through the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

GoGoMeds offers a price comparison tool, giving instant access to their price plus the three lowest prices available on the market for the medication. GoGoMeds offers almost 1,000 prescription medications, is free to use and requires no membership to gain access to the lowest possible price with fast convenient delivery. The website will continue to be updated with new medications added weekly.

Proven methodology:

TCC was contracted to oversee the development of the website and address additional software needs. TCC is a Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level III assessed software development company that delivers high quality software using industry proven methods. TCC uses CMMI and Agile techniques to continually improve project management, engineering, support and process capabilities to develop high quality software products that exceed the expectations of our customers.

 Proven Team and Service:

The TCC team is using the Agile methodology to deliver the project incrementally and releasing the product in phases to better fit the customer’s needs.

Seth Neawedde, a Senior Software Architect has brought his knowledge and expertise to the project and has lead the team on developing this website. With this project being started early summer and having a go live date of October 2017, it took a dedicated team to work around the clock to get this website up and functional for its customers to quickly and efficiently order their prescriptions.


Specialty Medical Drugstore’s intent was to move the traditional pharmacy into a nationwide online marketplace and TCC was tasked with building a system that can handle a large volume of people from across the country to be able to search for and purchase drugs at the same time. In May of 2017, TCC has been hard at work overseeing and developing the software behind This includes the price comparison tool all the way to the back-office queuing system. TCC has used the latest Microsoft SQL technology and Angular framework to build out the functionality for the website. This functionality includes searching for drugs, creating user accounts, ordering online, and allowing Specialty Medical to interact with customers and fulfill orders.

In the End:

On the day of the site’s launch, was featured on Fox Business News with the CEO of Specialty Medical Drugstore, Ron Ferguson. They discussed the website and its price comparison tool as well as the importance of low cost drugs for people who currently cannot afford their high-priced prescriptions. After airing on Fox Business News has seen an increase in traffic and orders from both new and existing clients.

This is an exciting project for TCC as it will continue to build and grow with Specialty Medical Drugstore as they expand their business and client base. TCC will continue to provide technical enhancements and software changes to help continue to run smoothly and help customers order their prescriptions quickly and effectively through the

To read the official Specialty Medical Drugstore Press Release please visit

To learn more about TCC’s custom software development please visit our website







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