Posted by Melissa Waters, TCC Director of Business Development, Learning Technologies

Remember the 80s-advertising slogan, “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile”? No? Neither do many of today’s automotive technicians. Just as the Oldsmobile is a relic of the past, so are the old ways of learning about autos in general. As the evolution of the automotive industry continues and new technologies become mainstream features in today’s cars, automotive service centers have become a place where technicians need regular upskilling and information.

Recently, a panel of industry professionals discussed how advances in technology are impacting the skill requirements for automotive-service technicians. As manufacturers integrate the latest innovations into their vehicles, it’s increasingly more critical that service technicians stay on top of the latest research and development so they know how to perform needed repairs. When a company like Audi introduces new technology such as 48-Volt Electrical Systems (a system that is not only more powerful, but can also improve fuel economy), technicians have to undergo specialized training to learn to repair and maintain such systems.

As you can see, technology plays a vital role in the life of an automotive technician.

To address the needs of the automotive technician of today, TCC has created an Automotive Technician Training Library. Based on ASE certification standards, this high tech offering is designed to increase your employees’ expertise and productivity, while reducing training seat time and overall training administration. That translates into satisfied, loyal customers, and a stronger, more profitable and competitive brand.

What can you gain by having a properly trained technician? Following proper protocols is not only important for ensuring that vehicle repair and maintenance are performed effectively and efficiently, but also for keeping your shops in compliance with state regulations. Preventing botched work saves you money and the grief of having dissatisfied customers, or even worse, unsafe vehicles on the road.

It’s important to be able to show your customers your expertise and have the backing of a sound foundation of training. Leverage the expert knowledge captured in TCC’s Auto Library to help prepare your technicians for the next wave of innovation in the auto industry, and beyond.

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