Posted by Derek Epps, Senior Account Executive of Managed Services

Software is the engine that makes the hardware move. Without software, technology is greatly hindered. Nearly every company in any line of business uses some type of software, whether it’s accounting software or an application that runs your entire business. Chances are there is probably something you don’t really care for, or a particular feature that is lacking.

The problem is software can get expensive. In fact, according to Clients First Business Solutions ( the average cost for a small business can range from $10,000-$150,000, mid-size business can expect to pay $150,000-1 million, while a large enterprise may pay upwards of 10 Million dollars, and it doesn’t end there. Maintenance and updates to the system usually are calculated at 10% of the total cost per year!

So as a business, if you are going to invest that much capital and operating expense into a key component of your business why not invest in something that has all the features and is 100% customizable? The answer usually lies in cost. To make an application custom you must have someone write the software. However, thinking long-term, if you invest more money upfront, down the road it could pay dividends if the software saves your workforce valuable time that adds up to hours and days at the end of the year.

Perhaps it would be worth looking at software as a tool that could save your company thousands of dollars per year in intangible costs? TCC Software Solutions has the talent and experience to custom tailor nearly any software dream into a reality. Contacts us today to set up a private consultation.

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