Posted by Steve Fey, TCC Director of Business Development

I recently read an interesting article posted on the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) website about what college graduates from the class of 2017 expect from their first jobs. Maurer, R. (2017, June 19). The Class of 2017: What They Expect from Their First Jobs. Retrieved June 19, 2017, from

The article noted that this year graduates expect higher salaries than last year’s graduates, and that they pay attention to compensation and culture when evaluating a potential employer. The article also stated that opportunity for growth is the top factor when considering a job opening.

This leads me to consider how we are presenting ourselves and our culture when having discussions with job candidates. I know that candidates will visit a company website prior to applying for a position. I think it is important to have information regarding company culture easily available on the website for candidates to understand how they may fit into our organization. At TCC, we created a Culture Book and made it available on our website.

I also thought about how we discuss the opportunity for growth in our company. Do our interviewers do a good job about sharing stories about people getting promoted from within or who have accepted wider roles and responsibilities? Are we talking about the successful people who have been with our organization a long time?

In the increasingly competitive information technology job market, I think it is important to understand what is important to today’s job seekers and be able to provide them with the information they need to pick us over the competition.

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