Posted by Rick Fowler, TCC Director of Mainframe Services

As I discuss blockchain technology with my colleagues, security is a recurring topic. Since blockchain has been utilized by the financial services industry and private distributed ledger technologies are known to concentrate high degrees of wealth, tampering and fraud are real possibilities.

In an article posted on IBMSystems Magazine website titled IBM Delivers Additional Protection for Blockchain, it appears that IBM has recognized and addressed this concern.

According to the article, IBM worked with the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project to architect a cloud offering that is designed to prevent unauthorized access. The resulting technology is called the IBM Secure Service Container and it uses advanced virtualization and encryption to protect against abuse.

The article notes that the value of the blockchain technology market in forecast in the billions of dollars and with this much at stake, businesses want their blockchain network running on the service built on the IBM zSystems and Linux ONE platforms specifically designed to keep that value safe.

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