Posted by Tim Luzadder, TCC Enterprise Infrastructure Director

Many IT departments around the world were shocked on 02/28/17 when the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage System (S3) went down.  The outage lasted more than four hours and left over a hundred thousand websites either partially or fully unavailable.  IT teams found themselves helpless and unable to recover their sites.  Because of AWS’s reputation, many probably had to stand before their management and convince them of an AWS outage.  Who would have thought that an outage like that could even happen to a tech company that has more cloud market share than the next three competitors combined?

 More and more, IT teams are learning that you have to architect for cloud.  You have to spend the time to design your sites and applications to span cloud regions or even across different cloud providers.  You have to dig in and learn what services are available from your cloud provider of choice, then you have to integrate them to your environment.  This will carry additional costs, but it is the only way to truly work towards 100% uptime.

Back in the day, we always had to pick two different Telco providers for circuits coming into different ends of the building.  This mindset must carry through to cloud designs.  Picking multiple cloud regions, replicating data, load balancing between regions, and leveraging the provider’s services are common architecture principals when designing for the cloud.

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