Posted by Rick Fowler, TCC Director of Mainframe Services

TCC worked with a state client and received a Certificate of Excellence after successfully moving a large mainframe system in just four months.


When vulnerable constituents rely on technology for purchasing food, paying bills and obtaining medical care, there is little room for technology glitches. You don’t want to be the person explaining why a needy taxpayer’s benefits will be late.

A state client of TCC was facing just this scenario. The client sought better performance and maintenance services for the IBM mainframe (IBM MF) computer, containing the social services information and responsible for millions of transactions.

Proven methodology:

TCC followed a disciplined approach to the proven and time tested methodology of Identifying, Transforming, Managing and Optimizing to provide a successful solution to all stakeholders.


The State’s operational calendar, fiscal processes, legislative penalties and other business drivers required that this relocation had to be accomplished in 4 months!

Four months was the maximum allowable amount of time to move an IBM mainframe and to include a Disaster Recovery (DR) site in another part of the continental U.S. This required the completion of all transition implementation activities over a single weekend.

To find read the entire story, please visit the TCC website and click on the Get Resource button to download the Mainframe Success Story pdf.


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